Joining your Sesame School

"I already have a FREE Sesame Account, and my School is buying Sesame."

Here's a video on how to access you Sesame School account:

Here's a Step-by-Step guide on how to access your Sesame School account:

1. Sesame uses teacher's school emails for Sesame School-level accounts. If your free Sesame account uses your school email, then you'll need to change the email address in your free account so that we can use it for your school.

2. Sign out of your free account from the account settings window.

3. Look for an email in your inbox with the subject 'Welcome to Sesame!' from Be sure to check you spam folder just in case! The email will look like this:

4. Click on the unique link, inviting you to your Sesame School account.

Once you've signed in, be sure to download the Sesame App!

For iPhone or iPad, you can download our Sesame Teacher App by clicking here.
Or you can easily search ‘Sesame HQ’ in the App Store to find it.

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