This article will show you how to add a co-teacher to your class. There are both a video and a Step-by-Step guide to help you 

Please Note: This feature is ONLY available to Sesame Pro and Sesame School users. 

Sesame Pro Users: Only you have to own a Sesame Pro account in order to add co-teachers. Simply email us the email address associated with your co-teacher's Sesame account at Your co-teachers will only have the features of a free account, but will be able to contribute to the classes that you add them to as co-teachers.

Sesame School Users: You will be able to follow these steps and add any teacher who has a Sesame Account in your school.

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Here's a Video: How to Add a Co-Teacher to your class

Here's a Step-by-Step:

1. Sign in on Sesame's website, select the class that you'd like to add the co-teacher to, and then go to "Settings".

2. Under the "Teachers" section, click "Add Co-Teachers".

3. Find the teacher(s) that you'd like to invite to your class, and click the "Add" besides their name. Hit "Done" when you're finished. If the teacher can't be found, contact to add them to your Sesame School account.

Success! Remember to hit Save :)

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