We know that our users are eager to be up to date with the latest technology and how it is impacting education worldwide. For that reason, we have compiled a list of influential bloggers, who are all actively teaching or involved in school administration. Without further ado... Here they are!

Daniel Christian | @dchristian5 | http://danielschristian.com/learning-ecosystems/

Daniel Christian strives to help others build their own learning ecosystems and to help others peer into the horizons – so as not to get broadsided. Christian believes that in order for us to continue learning over a lifetime and to remain relevant in the marketplace, we need thriving, growing, up-to-date learning ecosystems. People, tools, connections, and technologies will come and go in terms of our learning ecosystems; they will constantly morph over time. By growing healthy, robust learning ecosystems, he believes that we can better tap into the constantly moving streams of content that are flowing by us. With that said, it’s no surprise that Christian named his blog Learning Ecosystems – where he works to highlight effective pedagogies, promising emerging technologies/trends, as well as innovative thinking.

Gwyneth Jones | @GwynethJones | http://www.thedaringlibrarian.com/

Who says librarians can’t have fun? Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian is a middle school Teacher Librarian in Maryland and is shamelessly passionate about sharing quality content and savvy tech tips for teachers, educators, and school librarians. Jones’ blog, which she decorates with many photos, graphics, and cartoons is a delight both for the eyes and for the mind.

Janni Aragon | @janniaragon | https://janniaragon.me/

Janni's tag line is, “You have questions, and I have answers.” She shares what she's thinking about timely topics. She believes that mentoring is her mandate and she processes things and shares what she's thinking. Many of her posts are responses to conversations with her students, peers, and co-workers. She is a feminist political scientist and this informs her analysis.

Joanne Jacobs | @JoanneLeeJacobs | http://www.joannejacobs.com/

For 15 years, joannejacobs.com has covered K-12 and higher education, job training and parenting. A former San Jose Mercury News op-ed columnist and editorial writer, Joanne Jacobs is the author of "Our School" about a start-up charter school serving students from Mexican immigrant families

Ray Schroeder |@onlinelearningu | http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/onlinelearning/blogger.html

The Online Learning Update is a daily posting of key news, research, trends and technologies in the field of online and distance learning. It provides a steady source of information of new developments to keep readers posted about this rapidly changing and expanding field.

John Robinson | @21stprincipal| http://the21stcenturyprincipal.blogspot.ca/

The 21st Century Principal is a blog that focuses on teaching, technology and public education. It seeks to examine all three and provoke questions and thought about these.

Andrew Rotherham | @arotherham | http://www.eduwonk.com/

Eduwonk provides news, analysis, and commentary about the politics and policy of the education sector, in particular K-12 education. It's written by Andrew Rotherham, a longtime education analyst and co-founder and partner at Bellwether Education.

Bryan Alexander | @BryanAlexander | https://bryanalexander.org/

Bryan explores the future of education and technology, looking at present-day trends and emerging developments. These forces and their stories include culture, finances, demographics, new and mature technologies, policies, and what's going on in colleges, universities, and libraries.

Maya Georgieva | @DigitalBodies | www.digitalbodies.net

Digital Bodies is a consulting group focusing on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearables and their impact on Media and Education. Wearable devices and immersive experiences through Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality will transform how we communicate, learn, understand the world and ourselves. Wearable devices will become an extension of our natural and creative selves as we venture into new frontiers of storytelling, entertainment, and learning. Join us as we explore how the human becomes digital and the digital becomes human.

Susan Nash | @elearningqueen | http://elearnqueen.blogspot.ca/

E-Learning Queen (with Gizmo, the Corgi, as their guiding light), explores all aspects of e-learning, ranging from new delivery, instructional material, effective instructional design, and quality matters. E-Learning Queen content is original, and consists of interviews and materials developed specifically for the blog. They encourage innovation and new ways of thinking.

Tom Kuhlmann | @tomkuhlmann | http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/

The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips and tricks to help people who are just getting started to build better elearning courses. It also includes lots of free templates and tutorials.

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