The Sesame app for iPhone and iPad is capable of providing certain features offline, here's a quick overview to show you what is possible. Please note that Sesame on Android, PC/Mac, and Chromebook requires an active internet connection at all times.

IMPORTANT: In order to permanently save offline changes, the device must connect to internet at some point to sync with the cloud before user can safely sign out of the mobile app.

Features that are available offline:

  • Viewing existing classes, Activities, Snaps, and comments on Snaps.
  • Creating new Snaps with photos, videos, audio recording, and notes.
  • Editing existing Snaps.
  • Assessing students with rubric, checklist, or score tools.

Features that require an active connection:

  • Signing in with email/password, Google, or scan code.
  • Creating new classes, Activities, or students.
  • Commenting on Snaps.
  • Tagging standards to Snaps or Activities.
  • All other features.
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