It's become clear that student and teacher organize documentation around specific topics or tasks, and the same goes for feedback and assessment. With the previous on-going stream of snaps, it can quickly become overwhelming to find what you're looking for.

Introducing "Activities", a way to group snaps and assessments by topic, lesson, date, task or projects. Activities are organized by date and can be filtered by what's happened so far and what's coming up.

Students can independently submit evidence of work or reflections, just like they always have as snaps, directly into an Activity so it's automatically organized for the teacher. You can even see at a glance how many students have not yet uploaded anything or have not received any feedback yet.

Curriculum standards and learning skills can be tagged to Activities, and will then be automatically to every snap and assessment in that Activity - saving you a TON of time.

This is just a quick intro to Activities, click here to learn more about the brand new way to view student snaps and record feedback!

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