We've learned that teachers want to look at student artefact and record feedback at the same time, rather than switching back and forth. Now you can on both Sesame's mobile app and website!

To try it out, just open an Activity that you'd like to view and click on a student from the list.

On the left-hand side, students are separated into those that have submitted snaps and/or received feedback, and those that have not.

In the middle, snaps tagged with the selected student are displayed in a chronological order. You can also add more snaps here with photos/videos, Google Doc, PDF, or anecdotal notes.

On the right-hand side, an interactive version of the rubric, checklist or score that you've created is readily available. It only takes a few taps or clicks to record your assessment to the student's profile, along with all comments.

When you're done assessing a student, just select another one from the list and everything will save automatically.

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