With a year's worth of feedback under our belt, we've updated Sesame's website to be much easier and faster to use!

Now you start by selecting the class that you're currently teaching, highlighted by your choice of color code.

After selecting a class, Timeline immediately shows what's happening in your class, with today's activity on top the first thing on top. All of your documentation, feedback, and planning is done on this page.

"Students" is where you can manage class list, invite students/parents, and view full student profiles.

Selecting a student from the list will show the profile for that particular student with all of their activities.

"Reports" is where you'll find assessment summaries, gradebook export, and other tools that are useful for a birds-eye-view of your class. More reporting tools will become available in the future.

"Settings" is where you can change class info, add/remove co-teachers, as well as archive class if it's no longer active.

We hope this makes your experience on Sesame more enjoyable, please let us know what you think at support@sesamehq.com!

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